Garden Fountain: Fountain Sketches

Work In Progress / 15 June 2020

This is the water goddess fountain statue and fountain that contains a precious gem that provides unlimited pure water in the project I'm creating. I haven't decided yet if the crown on her head is a fin or a shell, but the horns will be made out of coral. I plan on using a lot of colors/material instead of just making it a plane stone material.

Garden Fountain: Column Sketches

Work In Progress / 31 May 2020

I finished a block out of the environment earlier in Unreal and before I start modeling I wanted to get a clearer idea of what each asset I need should look like. Here are a couple of column designs I did some color sketches of with a water/moon theme. The concept of my environment will be a fountain with a statue of a water goddess holding a sacred gem that grants and an infinite supply of pure water to an island city.  The fountain is located at the top of a cliff surrounded by garden elements that incorporate plants that thrive in water or have ocean and coral colors.

Garden Fountain: Thumbnail Sketches

Work In Progress / 29 May 2020

I'm in the planning stages for a personal environment project. Currently working out some ideas for what the assets will look like and also creating a grey box to get the scale down in unreal. The main purpose of this project is to learn some new things in unreal, get Zbrush to be a more prominent part of my process, and have something fun to texture as I learn Substance Designer for the first time.

Spirited Away: Chihiro- Final Model

Work In Progress / 22 May 2020

I have the model finished up and will be doing UV mapping and texturing over the next week. I would like to try some new things with rigging, so that will come at a later time as I explore, but I will go ahead and upload the final project soon. She has been really fun to make and I'm considering adding her second outfit to try out some things in unreal with clothing systems.

Spirited Away: Chihiro

Work In Progress / 26 April 2020

I'm sculpting Chihiro from Spirited Away alongside Haku. I plan on posing them in some key moments from the movie once I am finished. I just have a little more work before I retopologize her.

Spirited Away: Haku (Dragon Form)

Work In Progress / 20 April 2020

I am currently sculpting Haku in his dragon form from spirited away. My next step is to retopologize him before I get too heavily into the details. Eventually, I plan to rig him with ribbon and stretchy setup. It'll be fun to see if I can bring out some of the movement from the movie into the rig functionality. He has such a noodle-like body and I excited to give it a try!