Bakery Utensils

General / 01 March 2022

This update has some line art for bakery utensils and other kitchenware. I can go on forever coming up with things to fill a kitchen, but this is a good start. The main goal of this project is to have a beautiful living 3D environment that is completed. After I get the majority of the concepts completed I will go on to the next phase and then when I get a good scene going then I will add more details if needed.

Bakery Concepts Update

General / 24 February 2022

Here's a quick update on my progress with the bakery concepts I've been working on. I'm really excited to get the cash register modeled. I did one in the past, but I no longer have the file.

Bakery Concept

General / 11 February 2022

My new year's resolution for this year is to finish a personal project from start to finish. When I have free time, I have been working on creating concepts for a bakery that is supposed to be reminiscent of the Ghibli style. I have a list of props I will be making turn-around sheets for and as I complete them I will post them in my blog. After the concept phase is over, I will begin blocking out the bakery in Maya and Unreal.

Astrielle Concepts

General / 12 September 2021

These are some concepts for the Astrielle and their homes from a personal project that I have been working on. For the homes, I took inspiration from Native American pueblos, Indian Jali and fabrics, and Chinese beaded curtains.  I also wanted to show the body type range and some of the various ear, tail, and pattern possibilities. Of course, I plan on having more, but my main focus was to come up with a goal to transform these concepts into a character creator in Unreal. It will definitely be a trial and error process, but I am mainly doing it for fun and learning.

Iron Wood Forest

General / 09 July 2021

I finally completed the last environment concept from the course. I plan on doing some of the other courses and continuing practicing, but for now, I'm going to take a small break to work on other things. For this one, I wanted to create a living space for the Fria, and insectoid race. I didn't end up quite capturing what I envisioned, but this is a small step in the direction I want to go. For future concepts of the Fria home, I hope to go for a more moody, foggy environment with more purples and blues and an array of bioluminescent giant mushrooms that they take as homes.

Epic Valley

General / 28 June 2021

Doing the thumbnails for this one was really challenging, especially trying to come up with different compositions. I went in a different direction than the teacher's illustration because I wanted to imagine it in context to the world I'm creating. The environment is actually high up in the clouds on some floating Isle's. It's an ancient place that is visited in modern times as a pilgrimage location. In early times the humans (the people of the sky AKA Windaens) that live in the Isles would worship another race of humanoid bird/dragons. (Known as Ravah, they resemble harpies) Today most Windaens co-exist with the Ravah, but in remote areas of Windaea (the name of the floating Isles) they still revere the Ravah as divine creatures.

Hidden Path

General / 23 June 2021

I recently decided to give SkillShare a try, so that I can sharpen my skills and learn new things. I have this "world-building"  project in the works and one of the things I wanted to do for it was to create concepts to add to a document with info about the world. I have always shied away from painting environments and backgrounds, mostly focusing on characters and human anatomy. However, I am feeling confident with the work that I am creating through Hardy Fowler's Painting Environments class. This piece was painted for the first project: The Hidden Path.  While I still have a long ways to go I am happy I was able to see this piece through to the end. I've already completed the second project as well and with much improvement from this one, but I will post that sometime later. Hope you enjoy my very first completed environment concept and I always welcome feedback!