Triss- Marmoset Render

Triss- Marmoset Viewer

Triss- Maya Pose Test
To test out my rig, I posed Triss and checked for stretching, clipping, and for any issues with the skin weights.

Triss- Maya Emotions Test
Since I would be animating Triss, I wanted to see the full capabilities of the facial rig I created. I created controls for a specific goal and mind.

Triss- Maya Animation
I recorded audio in which I animated and synced Triss to. It was my first time animating and I learned a lot about the tools in Maya and the process.

Triss- Concept Sheet

Triss- Concept Sheet

Triss is a character I created from concept to animation. She is my third character to model and my first to animate. Through the creation of this character, I learned a lot about the workflow from model to rig to animation and what areas I need to improve on or do differently in the future. Animating this was a wonderful experience and eye-opening to some of the things I could improve upon with rigging.

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